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          蕪湖電工機械|沖槽機|成纜機|框絞機|管絞機|籠絞機|鋼絲鎧裝機|數控沖槽機|砂帶去毛機 0553-5726434
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          Wuhu Electrotechnical Machinery Co., Ltd. is the production of medium-sized electrical machinery, computers have a sound management, scientific and technological research, quality control and sales service system, strong technical force, advanced technology, experience, work well, detection means complete, has in 3,000 tons of production capacity of electrical equipment. Over the years the company committed to making products in the domestic advanced level, strict quality management, established a relatively perfect system of quality assurance, the Department established a technology development, configuration, CAD-aided design to ensure that the design of advanced technology.
          Our company mainly produces specialized equipment and electrical wire and cable equipment, electrical equipment of NC-specific sub-degree, high-speed feeding system CNC Notching Machine, JD91 series of high-speed positioning slot machine red, red ribbon lap machine, abrasive belt deburring machines its sub-degree and high precision, red times fast, low failure rate and reliability to win the users alike. At present, there are more than 800 high-speed red slot machine manufacturers in the use of the motor. Wire and cable equipment as the main based on wire rope machine machine series of research and manufacturing, good quality and reliable structural design, a wealth of practical experience, high-quality after-sales service, customers get high-speed red slot machines authorized in the National the market share of around 95% and exports to Germany, Italy, India, Taiwan, Iran, Vietnam and other countries and regions.
          Notching machine high-speed series of products at the same time the state has also been recognized by the competent authorities to obtain the provincial scientific and technological progress second prize and a number of utility model patents, machinery and electronics industry has been recommended as the twelfth installment of alternative imported products.
          In order to adapt to the increasingly fierce market competition, faster and better for the new old customer service, the company chairman and general manager of Mr. Du Daxin with all the staff sincerely welcome new and old friends to corporate guidance.

          2010版權所有 蕪湖電工機械有限公司 蕪湖天頌制作維護 [后臺管理 ]
          郵編:241080 傳真:0553-5726346

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